Learn more about our favorite wedding reception games!

Dollar Dance

Dollar Dance In exchange for a few fun-filled seconds whirling around the dance floor with the bride or groom, guests can either pin cash on the newlywed couple's clothing, toss coins into the bride's shoes or tuck bills into a dainty satin satchel that the bride...

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Cake in the Face Game

Cake in the Face Game The cake in the face game can easily be the most fun (and most profitable) game at your reception.  We place jars representing the bride and groom near the DJ booth and ask your guests to “vote” for who will get the cake in the face later in the...

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The Shoe Game

The shoe game can be a great way for your reception guests to get to know who you are as a couple! In this fun game, we put the bride and groom back to back in chairs on the dance floor and ask questions about your relationship.

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